CBN or Cannabinol is a THC metabolite formed by the breakdown of THC on account of aging and oxidation. CBN does not create any high or euphoria and possesses a repository of medical advantages. Among its benefits are included anti-anxiety, pain relief, appetite stimulant, anti-inflammatory, bone regeneration, antibacterial, anticonvulsant and anti-insomnia. This cannabinoid is also useful in treating muscle strains and injuries such as quad strains. Today we will tell you about CBN for quad strains.

What Are Quad Strains

A quadriceps muscle strain consists of an acute tearing injury of the quadriceps. The injury is generally due to a severe muscle stretch, frequently at the same time of a contraction imposed by a force or constant functional overloading. The quadriceps, which includes 4 parts, gets overloaded due to constant muscle contractions by the knee extensor system.

Such severe strain injuries involving the quadriceps generally occur in athletic sports like soccer or rugby which require eccentric contraction of the quadriceps in a forceful manner while regulating the knee flexion and hip extension. An excessive force along the muscle-tendon units along with eccentric contraction often results in strain injury. Among the quadriceps muscles, the rectus femoris happens to be the most often strained. Besides, muscle fatigue also plays an integral part in acute muscle damage or injury.

Causes Of Quad Strain

CBN For Quad Strains

A quad strain is a popular injury that affects people of all ages. It is commonly witnessed in individuals who undertake plenty of athletic sports especially sprinting, running and kicking sports such as rugby and football. Quad strains normally happen on account of an abrupt contraction of the quadriceps muscles. This commonly happens when trying to accelerate fast from a stationary position like a sprinter rushing out of the blocks or a rugby player unbending their leg for kicking the ball.

Sometimes a strain takes place by way of slow wear and break of the muscle, which is linked to overuse. This may be on account of actions like repeated running on road and distance or playing games without sufficiently flexing the quad muscles.

Symptoms Of Quad Strain

The quadriceps is especially active while sprinting, hopping, jumping or kicking. When the tension put on the quad muscles is huge on account of excess repetition or great force, the muscle fibers may get torn, causing quad strain.

Symptoms of a quad strain may consist of:

  • Inflammation, or bruising on the front of your thigh
  • Problems in bending and unbending your knee
  • Pain when walking or utilizing the quad muscles
  • Too tired, rigid or weak quad muscles
  • Sharp pain while jumping, running or kicking
  • Firmness in the thigh

How CBN Is Effective For Treating Quad Strains

CBN FOr Quad Strains

CBN interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body, and can impact the activity of various hormones and neurotransmitters, which in turn affect immune function, inflammation, and pain besides various physiological processes. The Cannabinol CBN helps to ameliorate quad strain symptoms in the following ways:

Regulates Inflammation

CBN lowers inflammation as it stimulates the CB2 receptors that contain the immune cells. Our immune system constitutes the defence mechanism of our body which helps to counter various elements. It’s over activation can result in the immune cells being attacked and also wrecks havoc on the healthy cells, thereby resulting in various disorders. CBN regulates the immune response by instructing the immune system to resist from dispatching the attacking immune cells and helps to resist inflammation.

Pain Alleviation

CBN can influence the endocannabinoid system which represents a complex network of receptors, neurotransmitters and ion channels that helps in cell to cell interaction. In addition to facilitating brain functions such as mood regulations, memory, the endocannabinoid system also affects our pain perception and the manner in which we experience pain. Therefore, it can help in pain management of muscles resulting from contraction or overstretching as is the case with quad strains.

Moreover, CBN can also manage neuropathic, systemic or the stimuli induced nociceptive pain. CBN works equally well for soft tissue as well as muscle injuries which helps in quad strains. Cannabinol has been shown to activate calcitonin gene-based peptide discharge from sensory nerves that lowered pain sensitivity efficiently.

As A Muscle Relaxant

CBN is indicated to possess antispasmodic properties. Major causes for muscle spasms in athletes comprise dehydration, staining of a muscle, trauma, and injury to nerves and spinal cord.

Muscle cramp is really on account of premature fatigue. Your muscles on becoming overworked results in impaired reflexes making them dysfunctional. CBN works excellently for muscle spasms by acting like a muscle relaxant.

Final Thoughts On CBN For Quad Strains

Research displays CBN to be considerably more beneficial due to it’s various therapeutic and potential to heal a wide range of conditions. From being a pain reliever, appetite stimulator, and a sleeping aid this cannabinoid has also healed muscle sprains, convulsions and various inflammation, thereby emerging as a natural healer for various types of tissue injuries and wearing and tearing of muscles, benefits offering a host of different medical advantages.

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